An Update from Queen’s-Blyth Worldwide

The Queen’s-Blyth Worldwide International Studies Program successfully offered over 30 courses in six international venues from 2012-2014, with more than 250 students participating from over 30 universities in North America. While the program has now closed, Queen’s University and Blyth Education each remain committed to offering a diverse range of international opportunities.

At Queen’s University, this includes a robust exchange program incorporating agreements with 148 institutions in 46 countries worldwide, the Bader International Study Centre in the UK, department-specific field study courses, as well as many international placements, internships and practicums. Students may also study abroad on an International Letter of Permission. Queen’s students looking for more information on international opportunities at Queen’s, can visit the Queen’s website.

High school and gap year students interested in learning abroad can do so through the Blyth Academy Global High School, or the long-standing Blyth International Summers program and Community Service program. Join the 1000+ students from over 250 high schools who have studied with Blyth this summer in countries across the globe. Interested students can find out more on the Blyth International website.

Previous QBW students requiring assistance obtaining transcripts, grades, and T2202A tax forms, and Academic Advisers with any outstanding questions about the program, are invited to contact the Queen’s-Blyth International Assistant at Other inquiries may be directed to